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My experience was fantastic, professional, creative & economical! Brandon has done a wonderful job & I will use his services again & again!


Brandon, Has been my vocal coach for two years now. He has been a dedicated singing teacher with a genuine interest and support for those he teaches. His lessons enable non experienced to thrive in a comforting environment. He has is successful at communication his expectations and giving his students the skills needed to reach their goals. Brandon never stops surprising me with his vast knowledge of the human voice. If you are interested in singing and are serious about improving I would highly recommend Brandon as the vocal coach to go to.

Tyler Reardon

I have worked with Brandon for over 2 decades. He is very professional, works very hard to reach perfection on every project, super creative, and is a real team player. He responds very well to constructive criticism, which is rare in this industry. I would highly recommend Brandon for any music project you might have.


Brandon is a very creative musical artist. My wife and I had a song that we were working on and Brandon offered great suggestions on improving the overall likability. He added a great intro for it with the piano that goes perfectly with the song. He also added other components to the song that brought our song from a nice amateur piece to a professional level. Brandon is very versatile and can work with many different types of music genres. He has the musical experience to transform any piece into a masterpiece. Anyone who invests in Brandon, is investing their time with real talent and skill.

Angel E.
The Angels (Musician)

Brandon is an incredibly talented man with a incredible ear for music love what he did with the song I wrote. Changes he made were perfect . music he put to it made the song it was so good finally hear our song with music.

Richard Gardner

I teach elementary music. With Brandon’s help, I was able to record the alto part for our holiday musical into the purchased practice-trax, and double myself singing on piano. Then, we adjusted the volume so it stood above the other parts, but did not overpower. This made a world of difference to my 3rd and 4th grade harmonizers, both students and parents loved it! I absolutely could not have done this without Brandon. He is professional, easy to work with, and a fine musician in addition to his technical skills in the studio. His rates are reasonable and I highly recommend him for any studio project, or lessons!

Kristy Wells
Elementary Music Educator

Nothing less than thorough and dedicated, Brandon has changed my understanding of music and made a better musician out of me. Easy to work with, and doesn’t cut any corners when perfection is required. A true pleasure to record and practice with.

Chris Sanford

Extremely patient and knowledgeable in all aspects of the music biz. He helped me improve not just my vocals but helped me to have confidence in myself as well! Goes above and beyond with any song, regardless of style… And always give me something that is professional and well done. 🙂

Angie S. Anderson